Aisha Alfa- Racism in Canda vs USA
Colored Commentary - Boxes

Boxes: a short sketch about living as a multi-racial person in a single race box kinda world!

Written by: Aisha Alfa

Open Engagement Trailer

Winner of the Just For Laughs pitch competition, starring and co-written by Aisha Alfa.

Aisha Alfa-BreakOutFest Chicago 2017

Aisha performing at the Break Out Festival in Chicago put on by NBC and Second City. 

Colored Commentary - A Woman's Voice

What WOULD happen if a woman got a man’s voice? This…

Written by: Jonathan Giles

Aisha Alfa gives FREE HUGS

Aisha gives FREE HUGS!

Just For Laughs: All Access | Aisha Alfa on Easy Goals

All Access Comedy Showcase at Just For Laughs, Montreal

Folk Fest: All We Need is You!

Aisha's promo video for the Winnipeg Folk Festival

Aisha Alfa at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival (web-exclusive)

Aisha at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival


Music of the Spheres Teaser Trailer - Prairie Kid Productions 2014

Aisha stars in "Music of the Spheres"